Weld 2.1.0.Beta2 tip

2013-9-20   Martin Kouba

A tip how to configure a new feature introduced in Weld 2.1.0.Beta2 which allows to skip CDI context activation for some HTTP requests:

Weld has a new web site!

2013-6-20   Martin Kouba

Weld has a new web site and it’s built with Awestruct!

Weld 2.0.1.Final

2013-6-6   Jozef Hartinger

Weld 2.0.1.Final has been released. This is mainly a bug-fixing release with 20 issues fixed since the previous one. For details, see the release notes.

Our focus is now shifting towards WildFly and its Weld integration in order to provide a CDI 1.1 compliant container. For details about CDI 1.1, see Pete’s blog post. Furthermore, we plan frequent releases of Weld to continue, so expect another release in early July at the latest!

Weld 2.0.0.Final released

2013-4-25   Jozef Hartinger

I am pleased to announce the release of Weld 2.0.0.Final, the reference implementation of Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE 1.1 (JSR 346). For a list of major changes in CDI 1.1 see the specification.

The reference implementation will soon be available in GlassFish 4 and WildFly (formerly JBoss Application Server). In the meantime you can check snapshots of the application servers.

As always, Weld artifacts can be obtained from maven or you can use a distribution bundle.

Along with the Weld release comes the final release of the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for CDI 1.1. Martin Kouba did an excellent job writing new tests and keeping the TCK in sync with the almost never-ending stream of specification changes. The TCK splits the specification into 1550 testable assertions out of which 96.71% is covered by TCK tests.

I would like to thank to everyone who lent a hand and helped delivering these releases, especially: Martin Kouba, Pete Muir, Marko Lukša, Stuart Douglas, Marek Schmidt, Ron Šmeral, Tomáš Remeš, JJ Snyder, Phil Zampino, Tomaž Cerar, Hardy Ferentschik, Lincoln Baxter III, Matúš Abaffy and others.

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