Weld 6.0.0.Beta1

2024-2-26   release   Matej Novotny

Weld Core 6.0.0.Beta1 along with Weld API 6.0.Beta2 are the latest two artifacts you’re going to need if you’re looking for an implementation of the CDI API 4.1.0.Beta1.

Changes based on CDI specification since last 6.x version:

  • The method invoker API in CDI has been simplified and the transformer functionality removed from the specification (WELD-2765)

    • Weld API introduced WeldInvokerBuilder which retains all of the transformers/wrappers that were originally present

    • We also added some more validation and other tweaks but the whole functionality is still being worked on as part of the follow up release

  • Support declaring @Priority on producers (WELD-2768)

    • This is also one of the features added by CDI API 4.1 and Beta1 of Weld supports it

  • BeanManager implementations in Weld now correctly extend ELAwareBeanManager from newly introduced CDI API module (WELD-2769)

    • There is no functionality change, this is just a step forward towards removing EL dependency from core CDI

  • Implemented programmatic access to assignability rules on BeanManager (WELD-2774)

    • BeanContainer/BeanManager now allow users to invoke #isMatchingBean() and #isMatchingEvent() methods

Other changes and bugfixes:

  • Correct inheritance of producer fields if there is an extension present (WELD-2773)

  • Make sure @Default qualifier is added to events fired via BeanManager#getEvent() where appropriate (WELD-2775)

  • Weld SE - manually registered portable extensions now reside in synthetic bean archive instead of their own (WELD-2776)

  • Updated CI setup to make sure bulk of our tests is running against JDK 21 (WELD-2777)

As always, if you find further issues with Weld 6, let us know and we’ll try to help.