Weld 5.1.1.SP1

2023-7-11   release   Matej Novotny

A new SP release of Weld 5 is now avaiable.

Latest release, Weld 5.1.1.Final, has shown that one of the changes (WELD-2743) had unforseen and, sadly, untested consequences. Some of the integrators and some of community were using BeanManager#getReference in scenarios which were broken by this change. While the use cases aren’t explicitly backed by the specification or its TCKs, we decided we don’t want to break them, especially not in a micro release.

This SP release therefore aims to correct the above and only adds one other tiny change:

  • Revert the change of BeanManager#getReference and solve this issue differently (WELD-2745)

  • Modify how toString() is invoked on proxies of removed EJB beans (WELD-2747 )

Big thanks for (Laird Nelson) and (Arjan Tijms) for bringing these cases to my attention as well as helping to understand and resolve them!

As always, if you find further issues with Weld 5, do let us know.