Weld 5.1.0.Final

2022-10-3   release   Matej Novotny

Weld Core 5.1.0.Final and Weld API 5.0.SP3 are now availabe in Maven Central.

Most notable change, which is also the cause of a minor version bump, is the removal of Weld Probe from our codebase. Details are in this JIRA issue and were also communicated via weld-dev email.

In short, Probe hasn’t been maintained for a long time and its UI part is using outdated libraries and would need to be completely re-written which is something that we opted not to do at the moment. The JIRA issue has more information as to how we could re-integrate it in the future if there is interest from the community.

Probe removal affects any integrators that were using Probe up until now! This typically concerns EE integrators such as WildFly or Liberty.

As usual, here is a list of notable bugfixes in this version:

  • Made decorators more Groovy friendly (WELD-2713)

  • Updated Jandex and remove deprecated usages (WELD-2724)

  • Added tools to execute TCK lang model in EE container (using WildFly) (WELD-2725)

  • Introduced method to WeldManager which allows to obtain instances of all registered contexts regardless of whether they are active (WELD-2726)

  • Brought WildFly Arquillian dependency setup up to date and fix affected examples (WELD-2727)

  • AbstractResourceServices in Weld API now correctly take into consideration lookup value of @Resource (WELD-2728)

  • AbstractResourceServices now supports setter methods for @Resource where the name is defaulted (WELD-2732)

  • Corrected the implementation of WeldExpressionFactory#equals (WELD-2729)

  • Fixed BeanManager bean types to also include BeanContainer (WELD-2731)

  • Avoid logging information about non-bindings member when using BeanManager#isQualifier for annotations that aren’t qualifiers (WELD-2643)

  • Removal of Weld Probe (WELD-2733)