Weld 4.0.3.Final and 3.1.9.Final

2022-2-16   release   Matej Novotny

Weld 3.1.9.Final for Jakarta EE 8 and Weld 4.0.3.Final for Jakarta EE 9 are now available.

Weld 3.1 and Weld 4.0 now enter a maintenance mode - there will be no further active development on these branches. Instead, the focus will be on Weld 5/EE 10 and beyond.

Here is a brief list of notable changes; all of these are present in both Weld versions:

  • Gracefully handle non-existing classpath entries in SE (WELD-2605)

  • Proxies for classes starting with jakarta.* now have Weld proxy prefix instead (WELD-2684)

  • WeldInstance.Handle#get() could incorrectly return the same instance even after destroying underlying contextual reference (WELD-2687)

  • Fixed BeanConfigurator#produceWith() leaking dependent bean under certain conditions (WELD-2693)

  • Correct default package detection inside ProxyFactory (WELD-2704)

  • Several minor changes with regard to testing setup and update configurations (WELD-2706 and WELD-2707)

Last but not least, for those using WildFly, I would recommend taking a look into their release plan for 2022. It details which WildFly is the last for EE 8 and EE 9 and what happens going onwards. Weld is of course going to keep up the pace and we are working on integrating Weld 5 into Wildfly.