Weld 4.0.2.Final and 3.1.8.Final

2021-7-14   release   Matej Novotny

New maintenance releases for Weld 3 and 4 have been rolled out.

There is only a handful of changes this time so let’s skid across them:

  • Prevent WeldInvocationContext from ever returning null when queried for interceptor bindings (WELD-2675)

  • Fix an NPE if there is an EJB bean with default package present (WELD-2674)

  • Weld wasn’t working on JDK 17 due to jboss-classfilewriter issue; this should no longer be the case (WELD-2671)

  • Correction to proxy name creation for producers based on interfaces - Weld should now use package and class of the most specific interface (WELD-2675)

  • Weld now provides correct metadata (via @Decorated) in cases where more than one decorator is applied to a single bean (WELD-2673)

  • We have decided to no longer provide WildFly patches for each release (WELD-2660)

    • After discussion with WildFly team, we figured the current way is not going to work for anything beyond Weld 3

    • And we aren’t even certain this feature is requested and/or used anymore; if you feel otherwise, please create a JIRA to let us know