Weld 4.0.1.Final

2021-3-22   release   Matej Novotny

First maintainance release of Weld 4 is now available along with API version 4.0.SP1.

The crux of this release is (much like 3.1.7.Final) a rework of Weld’s default class defining capabilities. With 4.0.1.Final you should no longer see illegal reflective access warning so long as you are on JDK 11 or newer. More details on this are below or in the respective JIRA ticket; in case you encounter any issue with it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

So, let’s take a closer look:

  • Class Defining in Weld

    • Weld Core is now a Multi-Release JAR providing two different implementations for JDK 8 and JDK 11 or newer

    • Integrators are still encouraged to implement ProxyServices class from our API

    • For SE environment or an integrator that doesn’t implement the aforementioned API, Weld now provides a default implementation of ProxyServices which:

      • On JDK 8 behaves the same as it did until now - it cracks open ClassLoader.defineClass(…​) method and uses that

      • On JDK 11+ it uses a combination of MethodHandles.Lookup and a custom ClassLoader; the former is used for vast majority of cases with class loader being a solution for edge cases such as default packages or beans from signed JARs

  • Other Weld Core Fixes

    • BeanAttributesConfigurator could incorrectly initialize default qualifiers when @Named was involved (WELD-2659)

    • Synthetic alternative beans did not trigger ProcessBean event as they should when enabled (WELD-2658)

    • Fixed proxy creation for beans in default package (WELD-2657)

    • Fixed a corner case scenario where a hierarchy of classes with bridge methods would not get correctly intercepted (WELD-2656)

    • ProxyFactory now creates determininistic proxy names (WELD-2618)

    • Decorators for interfaces with non-decorated default method now work properly (WELD-2647)

WildFly Patch

There is no WildFly patch at the moment. We are currently exploring how to properly ship a patch that would align with WildFly usage of Galleon; the tracking JIRA can be seen (here).