Weld 3.0.0.CR2

2017-3-3   release   Martin Kouba

I am very pleased to announce the release of Weld 3.0.0.CR2 (CDI 2.0-PFD). The intention is to provide the latest updates so that early adopters and reviewers can work with up-to-date reference implementation during the JCP review process.

Notable fixes and improvements:

  • InterceptionFactory handles interface correctly (WELD-2335)

  • Enable to obtain InjectionPoint metadata from within BeanConfigurator#produceWith() (WELD-2333)

  • ObserverMethodConfigurator.beanClass() should be preset to the extension class (WELD-2324)

  • Performance improvements in javax.enterprise.inject.Instance implementation (WELD-2322 and WELD-2323)

  • Don’t include built-in session and conversation scoped beans in the bean identifier index (WELD-2343)

  • Support InjectionPoint metadata injected into dependent singleton session bean (WELD-2341)

  • Logging

    • Log DEBUG info about important phases during bootstrap (WELD-2336)

    • Fix the error message when an extension observer method is static (WELD-2331)

    • Improved transactional observer methods logging in case of failure (WELD-2330)

  • Weld SE - ContainerInitialized should be fired after the container is initialized and shutdown hook is registered (WELD-2340)

  • Probe development tool

    • Extended bean archive info

    • Monitor bean instance creation

    • Do not mark a bean as unused if only injected into an observer method or disposer method

    • org.jboss.weld.probe package is vetoed

See also the release details. Thanks to everyone involved in this release!

WildFly Patch

As usual, a patch for WildFly is available. This time the target platform is WildFly 10.1.0.Final. If you’re not familiar with patching WildFly, check the FAQ.