Weld 2.3.1.Final arrives...

2015-10-27   release   Martin Kouba

Weld 2.3.1.Final has been released! The delivery: a few killed bugs, couple of Weld SE enhancements and several Weld Probe improvements.

Notable bug-fixes and enhancements:

  • Private producer, disposer and observer methods should be intercepted (WELD-2043)

  • Specializing bean - remove @Default qualifier unless explicitly declared (WELD-2046)

  • Weld SE

    • Fix the development mode enablement

    • Allow to pass a ResourceLoader to be used for scanning (WELD-2044)

    • Allow to skip the registration of a shutdown hook (WELD-2051)

  • Weld Probe now supports monitoring of container lifecycle events during bootstrap (see also supported configuration properties)