Weld 4.0.0.Beta1

2020-9-18   release   Matej Novotny

A new Weld 4 release is now available! Latest core version is now 4.0.0.Beta1 and Weld API that ships with it is 4.0.Beta1.

I will not be listing links to issues as usual, because I think more important work was done outside of JIRA tracking this time (although you can check the issues here). Instead, let me sum it up in a short list of noticeable changes:

  • All Weld bits are now present in Maven Central

    • Including servlet core (and shaded) which had to be left out last time

  • We are able to execute CDI TCKs in EE 9 environment once again and it’s all passing

  • We are now able to test servlets with Tomcats and Undertow

  • Reworked documentation generation tooling

    • Weld docs now have similar look to those of CDI and are distributed in either PDF or single page HTML format

  • Did some updates on Javadoc generation in API and Core if generated with JDK 11

  • Big update pass on tooling and dependencies

    • We are now using Dependabot and have bumped almost every dependency and tooling in the project

    • Which also led to nice cleanup and fixing of several issues

On top of that, every bugfix that would go into Weld 3 is of course being added to Weld 4 as well so those aren’t missing either!

WildFly Patch

Sadly we cannot provide a patch for WildFly as there is not yet any official release that would support EE 9. As soon as there is one, we will surely follow up with Weld patch!