Weld 3.1.5.Final

2020-8-12   release   Matej Novotny

New maintenance release is now out - Weld 3.1.5.Final. It comes along with Weld API 3.1.SP3 although there are no significant changes in the API. The release was mainly to update to a new parent project version, allowing us to consume newer plugins and prepare ground for MR JAR support. As for core artifacts, there are some bugfixes as usual, so let’s take a look at those.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Weld Core

    • Allow to aggressively invoke setAttribute() when manipulating with conversation map in session (WELD-2626)

      • This behaviour is gated behind a property; it doesn’t affect standard Weld behaviour

    • Automatically cleanup leftover HttpSessionDestructionContext when starting new session context on a thread (WELD-2631)

    • Fix a rare case where an integer overflow could happen during alternative priority ordering (WELD-2628)

  • Weld Servlet Support

    • Change WebAppBeanArchiveScanner to allow serving modules without publishing (WELD-2570)

  • Other bits

    • ObserverMethodConfigurator initialized by reading an AnnotatedType previously didn’t set the method as async when it should (WELD-2609)

    • Fix up generation of javadoc (especially with JDK 11) for shaded artifacts and make it include Weld API/SPI as well as CDI API javadoc

    • Prepare ground for MR JAR releases which are a likely solution to JDK 11 class defining for SE (WELD-2619)

      • This is hopefully coming in the very next release

    • Updates to website tooling (Docker image, Ruby dependencies) and updates to some old http references which should now be https

    • Re-enable testing of CDI TCK 1.2 with Weld 3.x; this was broken sometime during migration to Jakarta artifacts (WELD-2624)

    • A test that assumed an order in between conversation context lifecycle and session timeouts was found to be wrong (ConversationContextDestroyedOnSessionTimeoutTest) and was re-written to remove the erroneous assumption (WELD-2629)

    • Correct JaCoCo TCK execution (WELD-2625)

WildFly Patch

This time around, the patch for WildFly 20.0.1.Final is available.

If you’re not familiar with patching WildFly, check the FAQ.