Weld team changes

2018-7-10   team   Martin Kouba

I’m pleased to announce a couple of changes coming to the Weld team.

First of all, Matěj Novotný will be taking over the leadership of the project. Matěj has proven himself to be an excellent engineer, contributing not only to Weld projects but also to the CDI specification and TCK development. I’m really happy that I can hand over the leadership to this guy!

Matěj’s primary task is leading the project towards "Java 11 world" and to meet the other challenges such as reactive programming model enhancements.

Secondly, Nikoleta Žiaková is joining the team as a quality engineer. She’s going to work on expanding our testsuites and improving our continuous integration.

Last but not least, I’m not going to leave the project but stay as a contributor focused on related technologies such as WildFly, Thorntail and MicroProfile.