Weld 3.0.0.Beta1

2016-12-19   release   Martin Kouba

I am very pleased to announce the first Beta version of Weld 3.0.0 (CDI 2.0). See also the release details. Thanks to everyone involved in this release!

This is an important milestone. CDI 2.0 is now considered "feature complete" and so the next Weld 3 versions should be mostly dedicated to cleanup and optimization. The next version will be Weld 3.0.0.CR1 (ETA in mid January). Finally, we would like to release Weld 3.0.0.Final in early February.

New and noteworthy

  • javax.enterprise.inject.spi.InterceptionFactory implementation (WELD-2257)

  • ProcessSyntheticObserverMethod container lifecycle event (WELD-2279)

  • BeforeDestroyed event fired before a context is actually destroyed (WELD-2269)

  • "trimmed" bean archives (WELD-2268)

  • context control - ActivateRequestContext interceptor binding (WELD-2267) and RequestContextController built-in bean (WELD-2266)

  • ProcessSyntheticBean container lifecycle event (WELD-2265)

  • few proposals did not make it into CDI 2.0 and so we enhanced the Weld API:

    • org.jboss.weld.inject.WeldInstance (already part of Weld 2.4 API)

    • org.jboss.weld.interceptor.WeldInvocationContext allows to obtain a set of interceptor bindings for a lifecycle callback, business method, timeout method, or constructor (see also CDI-468)

    • org.jboss.weld.bootstrap.event.WeldAfterBeanDiscovery allows to obtain an InterceptorConfigurator to configure a new Interceptor bean

WildFly Patch

As usual, a patch for WildFly is available. This time the target platform is WildFly 10.1.0.Final. If you’re not familiar with patching WildFly, check Markus’s tutorial.