Weld 2.3.4.Final

2016-4-22   release   Martin Kouba

Weld 2.3.4.Final the next version of the stable 2.3 branch has been released! See also the release details. Thanks to everyone involved in this release!

Notable bugfixes and improvements:

  • log important actions performed by extensions (WELD-2134)

    • for example, if you want to track down all extensions modifying AnnotatedType definitions, then enable the debug logging for Weld and look for messages containing ProcessAnnotatedType.setAnnotatedType() called by …​

  • Conversations - allow to configure the default timeout and the concurrent access timeout (WELD-2113)

  • recover if a transaction is in progress but a JTA Synchronization callback cannot be registered (WELD-2120)

  • EJB proxies do not implement private methods anymore (WELD-2119)

  • interceptor instances used for @AroundConstruct are now reused for other types of interception (WELD-2131)

  • Weld Servlet

    • fixed handling of archives from WEB-INF/lib on Tomcat 8 with unpackWARs=false (WELD-2122)

    • WeldTerminalListener should not throw NPE if injection into listeners is not supported (WELD-2123)

  • Weld SE

    • improved support of implicit bean archives (WELD-2129)

    • there are two new built-in interceptor bindings - @ActivateRequestScope and @ActivateThreadScope - to activate the request scope or the thread scope within a business method invocation

    • Weld builder allows to configure bean archive isolation, development mode and registration of shutdown hook manually (WELD-2135)

    • a basic nested archive support was added (WELD-1930)

WildFly Patch

As usual, a patch for WildFly is available. This time the target platform is WildFly 10.0.0.Final. If you’re not familiar with patching WildFly, check Markus’s tutorial.