Weld 2.3.2.Final

2015-12-10   release   Martin Kouba

Weld 2.3.2.Final the last version for this year has been released! It is a bug-fixing release with 15 issues resolved. See also the release details. Thanks to everyone involved in this release!

Notable bug-fixes and enhancements

  • Weld proxies - add workaround for IBM JVM 8 (WELD-2056 and DELTASPIKE-1010)

  • Fix resource injection when using arquillian-weld-ee-embedded-1.1 (WELD-2065 and ARQ-2000)

  • All conversation contexts should be destroyed after the Servlet.service() method completes (WELD-2052)

  • Clear RequestScopedCache for remote EJB calls (WELD-2069)

  • Weld Servlet

    • Allow to perform dependency injection upon objects not having a CDI-compatible constructor (WELD-2039)

    • Add Jandex support even for WARs not extracted to the file system (WELD-2070)

  • Probe development tool is now part of the OSGi bundle (WELD-2061)