Weld team changes

2015-9-8   team   Jozef Hartinger

I am pleased to announce a couple of changes coming to the Weld team:

First of all, Martin will be taking over leadership of the project. Martin has proven himself to be an excellent engineer over all the years and I am happy that I can leave the project in his hands. His primary task is going to be leading the project towards the Weld 3 milestone.

Secondly, I will be moving to work temporarily on a different project. I truly enjoyed working on Weld and with the CDI community. Now after almost 4 years on the project I was given an exciting opportunity which I decided to pursuit.

Last but not least, Matěj Novotný is joining the team as a quality engineer. He’s going to work on expanding our testsuites and making sure Weld releases do not break anything :-)