2014-9-18   Jozef Hartinger

Today, we released Weld 2.2.5.Final. The fifth mostly bug-fixing release in the series addresses 23 issues. In addition, the Servlet module got an update and among other things now supports:

  • all three bean discovery modes (e.g. only explicitly annotated classes will be loaded as CDI beans)

  • bean archive isolation

  • using Jandex for faster deployment discovery

See the reference documentation for details.

Talking about documentation we are grateful to Antoine Sabot-Durand for migrating our reference documentation to AsciiDoc. We also thank our community contributors Antonin Stefanutti and Stefan Grossmann who contributed with pull requests.

Weld 3.0

In the coming months, our focus will be shifting towards Weld 3.0 - the future reference implementation of CDI 2.0. Initially, we plan on releasing Alpha releases every two weeks starting in early October.

The Alpha releases are likely to break compatibility from time to time and will often contain bleeding edge or prototype code. The goals is however to give the CDI community a chance to test drive the proposed changes in the CDI specification as soon as possible and give quick feedback to the CDI expert group.

Weld 3.0 will also be a good opportunity to get involved in the development of this open-source project. Interested? See our community web page for more details.