CDI 1.2 and Weld 2.2

2014-2-4   Jozef Hartinger

Work on a maintenance release of the CDI specification (CDI 1.2) has started recently. Now is the best time to add feedback on issues being addressed. Most of the discussion happens in the cdi-dev mailing list or the IRC channel.

Weld 2.2 is going to be the reference implementation of CDI 1.2. Besides implementing the changes introduced in the maintenance release, we are going to focus on improving non-functional characteristics in this release of Weld:

  • bootstrap time

  • memory footprint

  • throughput

  • maximum number of concurrent clients

  • session replication overhead

Today, we released Weld 2.2.0.Alpha1. The most significant changes include:

  • Added new SPI that allows bytecode-scanning frameworks (such as jandex) to be integrated. This yields improved bootstrap time especially with large deployments.

  • Reduced memory consumption (our tests show 6-12% less memory used after bootstrap with large deployments)

  • Improved event/observer performance

  • Java Web Start support finally got in (thanks to Alexandre Gattiker for the patch!)

  • Improved Servlet container support (Jetty 9.1, ServletContainerInitializer used to bootstrap Weld, Tomcat 8 support)

  • A new Groovy example (groovy-numberguess) was added

  • Many other bug fixes and improvements. See the release notes for a complete list of changes

Now, we continue to work on Weld 2.2. Expect the final version in late March. In the meantime, try this release and let us know what you think in the forum. If you are interested in Weld make sure you check our community page or the list of open issues awaiting contribution.