Weld 5.0.0.SP1

2022-5-4   release   Matej Novotny

A new version of Weld core is now in Maven Central - 5.0.0.SP1.

There have been reports of a bytecode verification error in certain scenarios reported by GlassFish and WildFly trying to integrate Weld 5.0.0.Final. We have investigated the cause and identified the problematic change, you can read more about it in WELD-2719.

Weld 5.0.0.SP1 release reverts the offending change (WELD-2712) and otherwise keeps Weld intant in terms of changes. In case you identify any further issues, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Weld 5.0.0.Final

2022-4-29   release   Matej Novotny

CDI 4 has passed its Final ballot and is now available in Maven Central. Some of you may have played with it already, but where is the fun in it, if you don’t have a Final implementation, right? Have no fear, Weld 5 Final is here!

As usual, there is Weld 5.0.Final API as well as Weld 5.0.0.Final core impl.

It is very much the same as CR2, with some additional tweaks and fixes that came to light when working on integrations within EE servers. That’s right, EE servers are already making progress towards integrating CDI 4 and Weld 5. Folks over at Open Liberty did their Weld 5 homework about a week ago and WildFly now has a pending pull request that adds missing bits for CDI 4 support. It might still be a while before there is a Beta WildFly release, but if you have the nerves, you can build the SNAPSHOT at least.

Back on the topic of changes, here is a list of fixes from CR2 to Final:

  • Self-interception can now be used on protected methods, params and return types (WELD-2712)

  • Rewieved Weld examples and made sure they run for EE 10 (WELD-2708)

  • Review Weld 5 documentation (WELD-2696)

    • Note that the servlet part is still outdated and being worked on as we need to see if there is workable EE 10 variant, see WELD-2716

    • We expect that this will be sorted by the time we ship 5.0.1.Final

  • Firing of the Startup event for web modules can happen too early (WELD-2717)

  • Synthetic beans coming from Build Compatible extension should be registered under their respective extensions (WELD-2718)

  • Exceptions thrown during execution of Build Compatible extensions now correctly preserve their cause (WELD-2710)

  • Some of our SE testing was being skipped ever since Groovy dependency update, this is now corrected (WELD-2714)

Weld 5.0.0.CR2

2022-3-23   release   Matej Novotny

Final ballot of CDI 4 has uncovered untested and unimplemented area in the newly added Startup and Shutdown events.

Our previous release was guilty of not supporting this properly, hence here comes Weld API 5.0.CR2 and Weld Core 5.0.0.CR2.

Weld now automatically fires these events and the JIRA issue for this can be seen here (WELD-2709). However, integrators can choose to override this behavior and fire both events themselves in case there is more bootstrapping logic that needs to come together before the container is deemed ready. The API interface org.jboss.weld.bootstrap.api.Environment allows implementors to override a specific method which will then prevent Weld from handling these events.

Weld 5.0.0.CR1

2022-2-23   release   Matej Novotny

Weld 5 now has its first candidate release; Weld API 5.0.CR1 and Weld Core 5.0.0.CR1 are headed towards Maven Central.

This release has only minor differences from the Beta but it is a testable basis for Final specification release. Here is a quick overview:

  • Correct default package detection inside ProxyFactory (WELD-2704)

  • Use secure actions when obtaining constructors via reflection in LiteExtensionTranslator (WELD-2705)

  • Dozens of dependabot updates for various dependencies

  • Updated to the latest released CDI version (4.0.0-RC5) and latest CDI TCK version (4.0.0.RC6)

Weld 4.0.3.Final and 3.1.9.Final

2022-2-16   release   Matej Novotny

Weld 3.1.9.Final for Jakarta EE 8 and Weld 4.0.3.Final for Jakarta EE 9 are now available.

Weld 3.1 and Weld 4.0 now enter a maintenance mode - there will be no further active development on these branches. Instead, the focus will be on Weld 5/EE 10 and beyond.

Here is a brief list of notable changes; all of these are present in both Weld versions:

  • Gracefully handle non-existing classpath entries in SE (WELD-2605)

  • Proxies for classes starting with jakarta.* now have Weld proxy prefix instead (WELD-2684)

  • WeldInstance.Handle#get() could incorrectly return the same instance even after destroying underlying contextual reference (WELD-2687)

  • Fixed BeanConfigurator#produceWith() leaking dependent bean under certain conditions (WELD-2693)

  • Correct default package detection inside ProxyFactory (WELD-2704)

  • Several minor changes with regard to testing setup and update configurations (WELD-2706 and WELD-2707)

Last but not least, for those using WildFly, I would recommend taking a look into their release plan for 2022. It details which WildFly is the last for EE 8 and EE 9 and what happens going onwards. Weld is of course going to keep up the pace and we are working on integrating Weld 5 into Wildfly.